28 July 2008

The Handsomest Puppy. Ever.

So Drake still has puppy fuzz on his head. He is over 6 months old, but this makes him look 4 months. Most of his body is now fuzz-less, and he's finally starting to look somewhat grown up. And I have decided he is probably going to be the most handsomest dog ever. His structure is absolutely to-die-for, his coloring is very handsome and striking, and he's a cuddler besides. Anyhow, I was only gone for 2 days but somehow he looks more mature in that time! I need to get a new pic of him, he's starting to look adolescent rather than baby now.
I realized a while ago that I'm not really a puppy person, I like puppies because they have the potential to be dogs. Thus, I get most excited when my own puppy grows up to be a beautiful, smart, wonderful dog. And of course I have more invested in Drake than most, since I own his father and its the first time I've ever been involved in breeding a dog before. He looks nothing like his daddy at first glance, but his facial expressions and eyes are very similar, and sometimes he just gives you this look and it's definitely Drifter. And oddly enough, he has exactly the same feet, except slightly bigger than his pop's.
If he has Drifter's brain for agility, I will be more than pleased :-)

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