18 July 2008

Finally the weekend!

I am so hopelessly addicted to agility. I have THREE adult dogs who get plenty of training time, and I still can't stand to sit inside my basement and not go out and practice sometimes. I actually have to force myself to give them a break!

I blame my mother ;-)

Anyhow, it's been 90+ degrees since Monday here in tropical Pennsylvania, so agility work has been 5-minutes sessions at best. The ground is drying out too, which is bad. The dogwalk bakes my dogs' feet, which is bad too. Oh well. I have one day of an AKC trial this weekend, hopefully Drifter remembers 24" BEFORE we go into the ring this time. Poodle Club was really slightly disastrous, but since the day after Indy he's been doing 24"/26" in the yard, and I specifically took him to my mom's class on Wednesday (yes, in the heat) to work on it. He did great. Even gave me a respectable down on the table (our nemesis forevermore, I'm afraid).
Gave Kiba a couple days off, as she's less than happy doing too many reps of anything. Soft little bugger. She's so different from Drifter! (and Seri is different from either of them! Eee gads!)

Astoundingly, people are reading this! I don't know if that's exciting or scary :-o
I just have to watch my big blabbery mouth, I have too much of a tendency to state my opinion and say "to hell with repercussions". . . before I consider what the repercussions might be. . . that's me though, opinionated and righteous to the core!

Went back a couple of times to those photographer's websites, but still, STILL, nobody has a great shot of Drifter on a contact. Fantastical contacts. . . and no pics. Sucks!
Tien was taking dogwalk pics in Perry but I never got around to checking her stand (plus I don't carry much cash or checks with me). Hopefully I can check at Nationals (or I think she may be at an AKC trial in August). Or maybe she'll send them to me as proofs, she often does that since she's known us a long time (or does she do that for anyone whose address she has? I don't know!)


Diann said...

Good luck this weekend! Hopefully Drifter hasn't been in contact with his brother, who just behaved like an absolute moron in Standard ... went under the first jump, took an off course, jumped the A-frame contact, did the teeter sideways, then got back on and flew off. Of course we were whistled off at this point, but OH NO, he wasn't done! Took a few more jumps with pure glee before realizing that I was walking out of the ring, then went to the exit and laid down. Brat!!!

Rosanne said...

Oh my!
Tell him I said he's a naughty boy!

No, last AKC trial Drifter went out of his way to go off course - to a TABLE of all things!!!

Emily said...

Tien was taking photos of the upside of the DW in Perry. Not great photos by any means, especially not if your dog is of the black/white variety.

Her e-mail address is tientranphoto@att.net, though, if you'd like to see a proof or something.

Rosanne said...

My friend with a black tri smooth-coat got a pretty impressive picture on that DW. I will email her and see if she has anything. The only contact picture I have of Drifter is from an AKC trial when he was 2, and he is cresting the frame and has weird gremlin ears and gives no impression of speed.