25 July 2008

Far, far away

So at the end of June I ran my dogs at Lehigh Poodle Club AKC trial. And they were terrible. So I panicked and set about entering AKC trials for the rest of the summer, even though I had originally planned to take it easy through July and August. I decided instead to try to get my Q's out of the way, and if I got them done I would just take part of September off instead. I sort of doubt that's going to happen, but oh well. As I mentioned before, at least I've given myself a fair chance of qualifying at least one of my dogs for AKC Nationals, which is my real goal. And if it happens to be just Kiba. . . well then I'll save some money on gas and just take the Civic down to NC! Kiba should be an AKC Machine once she finishes mentally maturing. She's close already.

anyway the point of that was to say that there are NO local trials this weekend in my area. So I am driving 5 and 1/2 hours out to Meadville, PA for a teensy weensy little AKC trial out there. I know the secretary, so at least there's one person I can converse with. The other person I know out that way is teaching that weekend and won't be there. So I am bringing my book, and a couple of DJ's comics (the good kind, Wanted and Watchmen), and planning to take Saturday afternoon to, well, do nothing! The good thing about a tiny trial is, of course, I can get out of there early on Sunday. I really should not have entered this trial, even though Meadville is not really a big metropolis, the hotel is sort of expensive, so I'm blowing money there even though entry fees are low. Oh well. Maybe I'll get a couple 2Q's and feel better about it. I entered it, so I'm going.

Will update on Monday!


Cedarfield said...

I used to have a rule that I would only do AKC if I didn't have to spend money on a motel. I stuck to it until I started to enjoy the more laid back pace of AKC and actually drove 2.5 hours to a trial once so that I had to stay in a motel.
I've given up trying to qualify either of my dogs for the Nationals in Concord. Avoiding AKC for so many years didn't make it any easier to get those QQs when even my 10 year old BC isn't in Exc B yet :-)

Rosanne said...

I used to follow that rule too, and for the most part I still do, but I really want to give myself and the dogs a chance to Q for Nationals (and Tryouts with Drifter). I didn't do much AKC in the spring because I was preparing for USDAA Regionals, so this is paying the price, I guess. And by October I want to be in USDAA again. I probably won't even do AKC next year unless the Nationals will be close again!