23 July 2008

Do I have the laziest coworker? Yes, I do!

Not DJ:-)
No, our night-time counterpart who I've mentioned previously. Back in May she "hurt" her shoulder and decided that she needed the ENTIRE MONTH of May to let it heal. Yeah. When honestly only about 10-15% of her job involves moving boxes, and at least 50-60% of it involves sitting in front of a computer or at least standing somewhere checking paperwork. In other words - she could have come in and just avoided physical activity. Guess what? I have tendonitis in my right shoulder (impingement), and I'm right-handed. And I keep working here. I even (stupidly) go help out with the physical jobs now and then because I enjoy them and I like to help out!
Luckily our company is not one to be easily fooled, and she was DENIED Worker's Comp! Hooray for a system that worked. Somehow, she was not fired. Even though rumor had it that she actually injured herself over the weekend then tried to claim she did at work so she'd get paid (which didn't work anyway).

So now it's July, a whopping 6 weeks later. She apparently tried to get half of last week off, but because other people were already scheduled to be off, she ended up only getting last Wednesday as a vacation day. Here's where the "amazing coincidence" comes in - last Monday she called off with an "allergy attack". Tuesday she called in and said she had a "communicable illness" and would be off the rest of the week. Which just happened to be the week she wanted off in the first place. No, that's not suspicious AT ALL! DUH! Last Friday a part-timer who works with this person at night stopped by and said she had seen her out and about and looking just healthy as could be on Thursday. So now this week rolled around, and sure enough, she's still "sick". Luckily the Big Boss is back from Vacation next week. I'm absolutely sure this person is going to have a "come to Jesus" meeting, if you know what I mean. Just before he left we had a discussion about what was and was not happening at night (most what was not happening, but should have been), and now he leaves and she doesn't even come in for 2 weeks? I'm thinking that's plenty of grounds for a termination. But our company has a hard time firing people, for some reason. Even though she's missed 6 weeks out of 12 for fake illnesses. COME ON!

Back on the doggy front, I induced a fly-off on Drifter's see-saw yesterday! YEAH! I've been hoping to get one so I could correct it. He started up it, I threw his favorite distraction - the red squeaky jolly ball - and he just ran right up and off and sailed through the air! WOW! So I said "I don't think so" brought him back, put him on the board and threw it again. Mr. Perfect.
Repeated the toss as he approached and he stuck it. He's not a sticky dog as far as creeping goes so no worries there (some BC's would creep if you did something like that). Maybe we actually have a shot at a double-Q this weekend. I'm driving like 300 miles there/back so I better get something!! I hate traveling for AKC, but I also hate not qualifying so I'm doing it. I entered FAST for the first time this weekend too so I have an extra opportunity to get him on it once and give him a glare if he flies off.

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