22 July 2008

Dark Knight

Saw Dark Knight in IMAX today. Fantastic movie, dark and brooding but exciting and action-packed. Edge of your seat type stuff. Not a kids' Batman movie, not at all. Good follow-up to Batman Begins but still a lot more exciting to me. Love Christian Bale in the role, he's perfect. Ledger was almost unrecognizable, he was great too. The aerial shots and pan-around-the-buildings shots were fantastic in IMAX.
Better than Superman Returns and its silly 3D sequences. Wasn't a fan of that. And didn't give me the impression of watching a screen that was too big, as I did with 300 (and I loved that movie).

Probably going to end out as my fave movie of the year. Oh, saw a Watchmen trailer too, gotta read the graphic novel now (DJ already has it).

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