15 July 2008

Aframe Judging

If this isn't Spot On Contact Judging, then nothing is!!!!
Did she miss it? OH YES SHE DID!! By about 1/4 of an inch!
I was out ahead of her - this was the 1st round of GP and she had a bye so I was just letting her rip. Sure enough - 5 faults! Love that first shot though - except it looks like Scott is running my dog :-o


Emily said...

Great shot of the naughty little thing!! :)

Rosanne said...

Well she really has like zero criteria on the aframe. I just let her run and risk the contact or I handle it by getting in her face a bit. She's a good little thing.

Naughty was when she popped at pole 10 in the 2nd round of GP for no reason at all!