26 November 2007

at work

so I'm at work. And I'm waaaaaaaiting for the trucks to leave so we can scan the stuff they left behind. but alas, some drivers are sloooow to get their stuff and get out. And we can't just scan things that will be delivered today, because then people will be breathing down our necks asking WHY it was scanned as "Closed for Holiday" when they are open.

So we Wait for drivers to sort their sh*t and go.

on another note, I will be whining on and off about cars. First off, I will explain that I have always had a fascination with them. I can name you 99.5% of the vehicles out there if you point at one. I had Matchbox cars. I play racing games. I read Edmunds and CarandDriver online. Constantly. I should also explain that I have 3 border collies, and am currently cramping all 3 crates into a Honda Element. This *works* but is not roomy or an altogether pleasing arrangement. I enjoy the all wheel drive and XM radio (love that!) but. . . there is literally ZERO floorspace. The other problem: the Element isn't even mine, it's my (fairly permanent) boyfriend's car. MY car is actually a Honda Civic, which I am very upside down on my loan for. SO I appear to be stuck. There is no real way (even if Hell does freeze over) that I can trade in my Civic within the next 2 years. The bf luckily is right side up on his loan (I financed upside-down-ness from my last car to get this one - the last one was a gas-guzzler and a stick-shift so bf couldn't drive it, this Civic is neither). Technically I could bug him to death to trade his E in for a minivan, but I don't think that's very nice. He likes SUVs. But they cost more. And he likes the thought of keeping the E till it's paid off and having a nice $7K trade-in value. So. . . i will keep thinking and wishing and pouring money into my Civic in hopes of paying more of it off.

I will probably throw my $1000 Steeplechase prize into my loan.


Let me start my new space with a bit of self-promotion:
My boy Drifter won the 2007 22" Cynosport World Games USDAA Steeplechase !!
Which is to say, he is the 22" Steeplechase Champion for 2007. When we return next fall he'll be the "defending champion"! Oh, the pressure ;-)
Couple videos of our fantabulous run:
The Agilityvision video calls him Blister. Guess I'm not as famous as I thought, huh....

Info on my dogs can be found here: www.getrevd.com/rosanne.html
I won't repost all those photos as that would be nonsensical and time-wasting of me.

Have a happy wet Monday

The Beginning

Well I'm online so often I figured I might as well start a blog up. It gives me something to do aside from obsessively researching border collies/pedigrees and cars.

I'll be jotting down all sorts of oddnesses here, maybe even a few agility training tips if I'm feeling generous.